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Referat årsmøtet IDO 2017

28. juni til 02. juli ble årstmøtet i IDO avholdt i Athen – Hellas. Her finner du referat samt en oversikt over nye medlemmer av IDO fra og med 2017!


Presidenten av IDO skriver følgende:

Dear IDO-friends!

The IDO-AGM / ADMs 2017 in Vravrona (near Athens) in Greece have been a great success. The Meeting discussed and decided about many important IDO issues.

The Minutes (including the Reports and Proposals) as well as the Financial Report, the Budget 2017 and the Business Plan 2018 have been published in the internal IDO-website since today (se referat her)

The IDO-AGM has also confirmed the following new Probationary Members and Contacts as follows:

  • IDO China – IDO Probationary Member (Asia)
  • IDO Macao SAR – IDO Contact (Asia)
  • National DanceSport Federation of Sri Lanka –  IDO Probationary Member (Asia)
  • BENKOUNDA Hadri – IDO Contact  for Algeria (Africa)
  • Venancius Rukero – IDO contact for Namibia (Africa)
  • Sierra Leone dance Sport Federation – IDO Contact (Africa)
  • Portugal Dance Federation –  IDO Contact for Portugal (Europe).
  • IDO Mexico – IDO Contact (Central America)
  • Panama – IDO Contact (Central America)
  • Costa Rica – IDO Contact (Central America)
  • Trinidad and Tobago Dance Federation – IDO Contact (America / Caribbean)
  • Argentine – IDO Contact (South America)
  • Ecuador – IDO Contact (South America)
  • Peru – IDO Contact (South America)
  • Guam – IDO Contact (Oceania)

Welcome in the world of IDO!


President Michael Wendt (Germany) has been re-elected, as well as Vice president Andrej  Kokoulin (Russia) “New Ventures” and Vice President Dr. Klaus Höllbacher (Austria) “Director of the Archive and Statistical Department”.

Last – but not least: The next AGM will be in South Korea, in the Gangwon Region (the place of the Winter Olympics in 2018). Save the date: August 18 – 19, 2018 followed by most prestigious IDO-World Cups in many dance disciplines.


Please also read the articles in the IDO-website. The IDO-AGM 2018 is already published under competitions – events.

On behalf of IDO let me thank “my” presidium for the great work, the AGM 2017 for important discussions and decisions and our Greek hosts, “IDO-Hellas”, for the friendly preparations of the many events.

Have a nice summer on the Northern and a “not to chilly” winter on the Southern Hemisphere!
Looking forward to meet many of you at the upcoming IDO-World and Continental Championships and Cups wherever in our wonderful world of IDO-dance!


Best regards


Michael Wendt
IDO President
IDO Ambassador for Asia & Asia-Pacific