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Nordic Championship 2017

Dear all,

Here is the start list for Nordic Championship 2017.

Start list for World Master/Cup will you find here on the WRRC page.


The registration office is open from 20:00-22:00 on Friday at Radisson Blu Hotel Alna (official hotel) and from 08:00-09:00 on Saturday at the competition hall.
You can pay either by card or cash.

Registration fee Nordics: 20 euro per dancer
Registration fee World Master/Cup: 10 euro per dancer

You can book transportation from the hotel (Radisson Blu Alna) to the competition hall in the registration office. The transportation cost 5 euro (50 NOK) each way per person. The complete bus schedule will be published at the registration office Friday evening.

Time schedule:
Here is the time schedule!
Be aware small changes may occur

How to get to Radisson Blu Hotel Alna from Oslo Gardemoen Airport?
The easiest way to get from Oslo Airport Gardemoen to Radisson Blu Hotel Oslo is by bus. The nearest bus stop is called Trosterud. From there its 5 minutes  walk to the hotel. The name of the bus is “SAS FLYBUSSEN”.
You can also take the airport express train directly to Oslo Central Station (19 minutes). Than the metro/subway (line 2) to Trosterud station.
Or a taxi directly to the hotel.

Competition hall:
Oppsal Arena – Vetlandsveien 49, Oslo
The doors will be open from 07:30 at the competition day.

On The Norwegian Dance Federations Facebook-page.

Any questions:
Phone:  Trine Bekken – 004792420915