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Invitasjon Nordisk Bugg Cup 2017

I år er det Sverige som er arrangør for Nordisk Bugg cup. Det hele avholdes 22.april i Mundedal – Sverige.

Se invitasjon fra Sverige her:

The Swedish Dancesport Federation and Dansföreningen Munkbuggarna have the pleasure to invite dancers from Norway and Finland, to Munkbuggen and Nordic Bugg Cup April 22nd.
The competitions will take place in Munkedal, about 100 km from Gothenburgh.

In the competition Munkbuggen there will be Bugg, Trio Swing Show, Rock’n’Roll, Boogie Woogie and Lindy Hop all classes.
In Nordic Bugg Cup there will be Bugg Senior, Main and Juniors.

The Nordic Bugg Cup consists of three competitions in Bugg Senior, Main and Junior all classes. The first competition was in Norway September 17th and Finland will have their competition in September. The couples with most points in the end will be the best Nordic Bugg Dancers.

Nomination of couples:
Please send one list with your competitors, directly to, last announcement both competitions March 26th.

The list needs to contain:

-Names dancers
-Class (Junior, Main or Senior).

Entry Fee Munkbuggen: 150 SEK/15 EUR per dancer. Pay at registration.

Entry Fee Nordic Bugg Cup: 150 SEK/15 EUR per dancer. Pay at registration.

Rasta Håby (4 km from Arena)
Munkedals Herrgård (3 km from Arena)
Vann Spa & Hotell (14 km from Arena)
Best Western Carlia, Uddevalla (22 km from Arena)
Bohusgården Hotell & Konferens, Uddevalla (28 km from Arena)

Air Landvetter Airport, Gothenburg (120 km to Munkedal) then bus/train or rental car.
Train to Munkedal (2 km to Arena) or
Bus Västtrafik
Nearest busstop: Lilla Foss, Munkedal 400 m or Håby Terminalen 4 km (Express bus)

Taxi Taxi Väst (+46 524-459 000)

For more information: David Ekroth or Mikael Åhnberg

Welcome to Sweden and Munkedal!